What is Craft?

With Craft, employers can leverage their existing on-the-job training to close skills gaps, increase career progression, and reward employees with widely recognized credentials relevant for tomorrow’s workforce.

College credit without crushing debt

Connecting employer-provided training to credentials that matter

An integrated talent solution to help employers upskill their workforce

One platform, connecting your business and your employees with unlimited possibilities

Employers use Craft to forecast labor needs and then collect, manage, and report upskilling data. Specifically, our platform helps employer partners seamlessly:

  • Qualify for $132 training benefits
  • Access Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) designation and funding
  • Articulate their employees’ training into program credits at accredited partner institutions of higher education

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Institutions of Higher Education have 
free access to the Craft platform, and can use it to:

  • Track and provide credit for student and learning outcomes utilizing the institution’s own existing practicum and credit-for-work options
  • Oversee and award credit to employers’ on the job training that is tracked on the Craft platform

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