Frustrated by the large and growing teacher shortage crisis confronting K12 schools, the Craft founders realized that the solution to the workforce shortage was within the workplace itself. They launched an accredited, non-profit university purpose-built for rural teacher development. The new university’s first-of-its-kind program enables school districts to upskill their already employed paraprofessionals into the quality, credentialed teachers they lack through an accredited, apprenticeship-based Bachelor’s Degree program.

This novel approach gained immediate traction, building a waitlist of thousands in communities where no other interventions had worked. As the program grew, the university’s leadership noticed that this approach would benefit even more from easily translating workplace knowledge into credits towards a degree. This, in turn, created the need for a new kind of data tracking and assessment system, one suited to the reporting requirements of both traditional higher education systems as well as work-based apprenticeship and industry-recognized training programs. 

That’s why we built Craft as a separate company to fill this data gap. We realized this model could work in countless other industries too and so we expanded our focus to help employers of any apprenticeable occupation manage data and access resources for upskilling their workforce.

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