The Challenge

“The demand for skilled talent in the US will outpace supply by more than 4 million people in the next decade. In the United States, 95% of business leaders today report challenges finding skilled workers. Such skilled-talent shortages created risk and cost for business and economic growth across geographies, industries, and sectors.”

— The Talent Shortage: Someone Else’s Problem

CRAFT provides employers with a customized solution in three specific, tangible ways:

Financial Acuity

Provides employers with the ability to access and navigate state and federal tax credits as well as education and workforce training programs.

Career Mobility

Opens career pathways for employees by allowing them to translate what they learn on the job into college credit and industry credentials

Talent and Succession

Builds a robust internal talent pipeline via thoughtful upskilling.

Higher education is facing twin crises: a lack of affordability and an insufficient relevance to the workforce.

We can overcome these challenges by:

Capturing what is learned on the job efficiently and effectively.

Creating relevance in the classroom AND the workplace

Assisting with employer tuition reimbursement

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